Max Reyes

State Youth and Discipleship Director


Ohio Youth & Discipleship Board

  • Jen Demuth

  • Patrick Demuth

  • Joshua Burgess

  • Brian Shuttleworth 

  • Rodney White

  • Steve Stewart

  • Francis Burkhart

  • J. Rick Noel

  • Ron Estes

  • Ben Crouch

  • Mike Collier


Our Motivation

The statistics are exciting, disturbing, and challenging all at the same time. They tell us that between 90% and 95% of the people who come to Christ do so before they are 25 years of age. Youth and Discipleship ministries is on the forefront of what the church is doing to reach this generation for Christ. We are serious and strategic in evangelizing and discipling students.

Our Vision

Our vision for Youth & Discipleship ministries in Ohio is that every young person who comes under our sphere of influence will be born again, discipled for holy living, filled with Pentecostal power, united with the church in membership and released into kingdom service by the time they graduate from high school.

Our Mission

The mission of the Youth & Discipleship Department is to provide ministries, training, resources and consultation to the local church that will assist them with children, student and family ministry, so that the local church is strengthened and the lifestyle of true Pentecostal power is demonstrated and perpetuated until Jesus comes again.

Our Core Values

We will endeavor to accomplish our mission by demonstrating fiscal accountability, an attitude of servant leadership, an atmosphere of cooperation, a lifestyle of integrity, a passion for true ministry, a vision for the harvest and a fervent love for the people we serve.

Our Guiding Principles

  • P – Perpetuate the life transforming power of Pentecost by promoting and making available resources, training, and materials that are doctrinally sound, culturally relevant and thoroughly Pentecostal in perspective.

  • E – Embrace our productive paradigms for “Reclaiming the Former Generation, Reforming the Present Generation, and Redeeming the Future Generation.” Eliminate those programs, methods of operation and models of ministry which are no longer effective in accomplishing our mission.

  • N – Nourish the vital relationship between the State Youth & Discipleship Department and the local church through more effective communication, personal contact with key church leaders, and increased involvement on the local level.

  • T – Train and equip our workers closer to the local level through the development of regional and local leadership development and worker training seminars.

  • E – Encourage each young person to discover and develop his/her talents and spiritual gifts through Teen and Junior Talent, Youth Camp ministry electives and the implementation of student discipleship and leadership training programs.

  • C – Challenge each young person to exercise their gifts and talents through involvement in community service, school Bible clubs, City Vision ministry teams, YWEA projects, Global Expedition trips and ministry opportunities within their own local church.

  • O – Organize and implement an effective and lasting fellowship of training and networking for our youth workers.

  • S – Set clear goals and objectives for Youth & Discipleship ministry within our state; always remembering that the support and affirmation of the local church’s ministry is the most important thing we do.

  • T – Treat all persons that we serve with equal respect and consideration, keeping in mind that people are always more important than programs.

Our Method

Annual eXhilarate Training Conference, Online Youth Ministry Training, Training opportunities at camp meetings and prayer conferences, Summer Youth Camps, Teen and Junior Talent, Y.W.E.A., Summer Camp Meeting Youth Night, Winterfest (Smoky – Knoxville, TN / Midwest - Indianapolis, IN), Regional Coffee & Conversation Gatherings, Annual PK Retreat, and Participation in NYLA (National Youth Leaders Association) and CLA (Children's Leaders Association).


Resource Links

The following links are to vital Youth & Discipleship Ministries resources.